The world through my eyes

inang, my grandmother. i was born in her house in Baliwag Bulacan
inang, my grandmother. i was born in her house in Baliwag Bulacan


Hello, I’m Jonathan Cruz and this is my very first attempt at blogging. My first attempt at writing for that matter. I am a professional photographer living in Gastown, Canada with my family. I am extremely fortunate that i make my living by being able to shoot. Photography is a hobby that i started with my older brother, Alex almost 30 years ago. Some folks say that People photography is my forte. But really, I just love to shoot everything, all the time. I hope to finally have an opportunity to do something with all my images through this blog. so here goes…





  oh, my website:


  stand by for more…



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3 responses to “The world through my eyes

  1. Gabriela

    Wow, I’m so happy that you got your bolg started. It’s absolutely beautiful.
    Congratulations sweetie!
    I look forward to seeing lots of great pics up.

    Cheering for you always,
    your Gnooskie

  2. Sepi

    It’s too hard to pick a favourite ‘cuz I love ALL your pictures Jonathan…..thank you for your friendship and your talent 🙂

  3. love the picture of inang … welcome to the blogsphere, it’s great to finally get ur work out there … you need to post to jpeg mag too =)

    ur posting is inspiring me to get back to posting … sooner than later i hope

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