Rees is an ordinary guy




My Buddy Rees…

Phenominal salsa dancer/instructor. Keeps my pcs running much better than macs. 😉
Amazing friend.




Filed under Photography by Jonathan Cruz

3 responses to “Rees is an ordinary guy

  1. Moses G.

    Reese is a weirdo…. but you made him look good – especially in that first pic…

  2. Sepi

    He is no ordinary guy I tell ya…..esp through your eyes….well everyone else’s as well. I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!

  3. Rees

    Uuuhhhhh…where are all the studly shots of me? Let’s get those up next, heh? I want to go head to head with buble…

    And Mo…there is no “e” on the end of my name…I am not Witherspoon, ya know! It’s Rees Withafork.

    Awesome job on getting the Blog going J. Keep it up!! Lets get our other crazy friends up there too.

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