What I have to wake up to every morning.



I woke up yesterday at 8am to my wife saying, “Honey do I get to sleep in this morning?” I complained of course, saying that I too was tired. Gabriela and Sofia have been under the weather over the last week and I had no excuse really, other than having stayed out late at a Shoe party in North Van. Sofia [20 months old] had been wide awake for an hour already. She lies in our bed and has her bottle of milk, and then wants to play. She tugs at our arms and says “go”.  Jake [our dog] is also in bed with us and he needs to out for a pee by this time. Gabriela suggested that if Sofia and I take out Jake, she’ll make pancakes for our return.  So off we went. I noticed before we even left that Gabriela had already made the bed and was getting breakfast started. So much for sleeping in.

Yes, every day I have to wake up to these 2. Woe is me… 



see more of my morning:






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5 responses to “What I have to wake up to every morning.

  1. Deo

    I love that second picture!!!

  2. Sepi

    Wow me too……gorgeous family, gorgeous pictures!

  3. ebru

    when i look at these pic what comes to my mind is
    ‘a marvelous treasure: safely stored in a silk scarf’ guarded by my lord 🙂

  4. jc

    Thank you for your kind and beautiful words YH Ebru

  5. emh

    gorgeous shots jc. you’ve got a beautiful family.

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