Happy Birthday Michelle!

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I am blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people and I make it my personal mission to prove it -if and when I get a chance to catch them through my lens. I first met Michelle at a photo shoot for a fantastic office interior in Yaletown. Michelle is the partner of an amazing interior designer, Gaile Guevara. If you see anything Modern, or white for that matter, in my studio, it’s all thanks to Gaile. [Stand by for a story on that wonderful gal.] We’ve hung out for BBQs, dinners and such since then and often in our conversations we would talk about doing a shoot. Gaile had her birthday this summer, and, of course, I had a camera [actually Evan’s] with me (www.jonathancruz.com/clients/gaile30). When Michelle emailed me a couple of weeks ago to order some of the shots from Gaile’s party for her mom, I suggested we do a little better by doing that shoot that we’ve been talking about since we first met. Finally, we had an opportunity to do a shoot. Yeehaw! Our friend Scott Hawthorn offered his amazing home for the venue. Such a ham, Michelle is a treat to work with. She doesn’t only look beautiful, she really is .

We celebrated her 29th birthday a couple of nights ago with a bunch of friends at Ginger 62. It was so much fun. Happy birthday Michelle.  I think one of these should work for your ma. 😉 











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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Michelle!

  1. aww – thanks tito j for the kind comments … much appreciated … i’m so happy that you and michelle have hit it off, it’s always a treat to have my favorite people connect with one another … lots of smiles ahead!

  2. Sepi

    Michelle is beautiful and you take beautiful pictures….so simple yet so awesome!! 😉

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