What’s your New Years resolution?

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Some of you probably have big plans to hit the town tonight, while others are going to chill at home and maybe watch the ball drop into Times Square. However there’s one thing we all have in common this time of year ­– resolutions.  A silly tradition perhaps, yet there’s something about this time of year that inspires us to reflect on the year past and resolve to do even better in the next. Like hitting the refresh button .

In light of this reflective time of year, we thought we’d share some of the resolutions floating around the studio today:

Walk the dog more often.

Spend more time with family.

Spend more time outside.

Get into the Olympic spirit as much as possible.

Explore more of Vancouver’s fine eateries.

Dance more.

We know it’s sexy, but try to quit smoking people.

Laugh more.

Drink less…well, maybe in moderation. Ha.

So here’s to you and yours this New Years Eve! May you celebrate in style and kick off 2010 with a bang.


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One response to “What’s your New Years resolution?

  1. Jun Guevara

    lots of tuts…

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