Deo day yo!




Unless I’m booked shooting, a regular work day tends be more of a day of distractions.  I tend to be more productive during the odd hours.  I’m an early riser and with my gals still on vacation in Brasil I find myself getting a lot of things done before the rat race begins. Yesterday my son Deo wanted to borrow my tripod and 14 mm rectilinear lens for a test shoot he was doing for a hotel on Robson Street.  I decided to drop off the equipment and drive Deo to his location. Deo explained the hotel is under major renovations for the Olympics and the hotel owner wanted new photographs as he wasn’t happy with the previous shooter’s work.  I thought this was a great opportunity to work on a project with Deo.  We wrapped fairly quickly and decided to pick up his girl friend Marija to eat some serious, all you can eat sushi at Tanpopo. -stuffed! 

The weather was amazing, 14 Celsius (48 °F) Carpe Diam!
We busted out our cameras and skipped out the rest of the day.
 Life is Good!


It’s Evan Haveman, the polar bear’s birthday tonight at Fortune Sound Club.  –oh boy.


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  1. poklat

    those are awesome pix!! love them !!

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