5 more sleeps



With my lovelies  in southern Brasil for almost 5 weeks now, I’ve found so much comfort in being able to see them occasionally on my screen. Thank you Skype
After 4 weeks of being at a beach with low tech, minimal technology, lots of caipirinhas and shurascarias they’re back  to spend their last week in Porto Alegre at their granparents house where there’s a pc! -whew!

Last week Gabriela told me that our daughter woke up saying “I want my papa.”
I asked if she said that in english and she said, “no, there is no more english honey, she’s all Portuguese now”. 
Thats how she’ll be speaking when we go snow shoeing on the 6th guys! 


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One response to “5 more sleeps

  1. Aw you’re such a lucky man! But you already know that 🙂 Miss that munchkin ❤

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