top 10 photos from NY


  hey pals, 
long time no blog. sorry, been jet setting (not really). Its so bizarre that I waited so long to visit New York, but let me just say it was well worth the wait, and it was everything everyone told me it would be, and then some.   


I had the painstaking task of narrowing down my images into a top 10 (with other posts to come with more NY adventures in detail).     


Some pictures are for obvious reasons in my top 10, for others, its more about remembering the little moments that happened if I stopped and looked around, where I eventually found myself beside myself with overwhelming joy. 



  How I got to the image (above): I was sneaking up to try to take a picture of her, and she turned around and shouted at me “HEY!…..NEXT TIME you’re going to take a picture of me…let me know, i’ll give you a smile
ME – “How about one now?” 



 I wish that everyone’s experience visiting NY is as rich, illuminating and full of love as mine was.




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2 responses to “top 10 photos from NY

  1. AMAZING J was so much fun!!! Let’s all do it again soon. Great photos!

  2. Diane

    Come back please… Had some very memorable days with you here!

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