Models Do Eat.

I witnessed something miraculous the other day. I saw a model eat a while back, right in front of my eyes, and she swallowed her food, multiple times! And I’m telling you it wasn’t a salad either. I’m talking real food, food I’d eat.

Meet my friend Jessemey, we met on both our first day in NY, shes a talented girl and a wicked smile to round up the whole package, did I mention she LOVES TO EAT, and shes a FULL-TIME MODEL for FORD?
Originally from New Zealand, she just stepped off the zillion hour plane ride (from Japan) looking like it was no big deal. (see below)

When shes not vogueing it, you can find her discovering, and sampling new inspirations for her blog appropriately titled “Models Do Eat.”

There you’ll find chronicles of her and her friends as they brave their stomaches through the torturous task of eating dish after dish of amazing food in all the cities they go.

Got to commend her on her efforts to break the cycle and show that there are successful girls who enjoy life and work hard to maintain a balance, all with sense of humor.

When it comes to food, I’m too distracted to even photograph my food because its gone before I remember too capture it. But there was one instance that I remembered mid-meal.

Perhaps I should start a blog called “Models do eat, Photographers eat like pigs?

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