Morning walk with my ‘Blutterfly’ Ballerina

I’ve been spending a lot more time at home since the studio flooded almost a month ago. I’ve set up office in Sofia’s playroom in the basement of our home. Sofia and I have spent a lot more time together, playing early morning lego and going for walks with our dog Jake. Our neighborhood is blossoming with all different kinds and colors of flowers. Sofia has taken the self appointed role of “teacher” when it comes to strolling along the gardens.

She creates imaginative stories about the different plants, what their names are, where they come from, and what can be done with them. She loves to teach me about how intricate each flower is, and the variety of colors within then. We’ve bonded in a whole new way.

I’ve noticed she tends to focus primarily on the wild flowers growing along the edges of the sidewalks rather than on the intended “center piece” flowers in the gardens. Her great-grandmother calls them the flowers that were “planted by God”. She loves dandelions in particular and knows that they are pretty much the only flower she can pick and bring home for Mama.

I guess these are the important moments in our lives that we always hope that we will never forget. I’m so fortunate to be able to capture these moments and keep them for a lifetime. These last few weeks have been an extremely difficult time in my life in several ways. My little girl has taught me that there are a lot more important things in life than the things that we stress about.

I look forward to many more walks with her as new and different flowers come out in our area. I’m sure I will be learning a lot more from her.


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5 responses to “Morning walk with my ‘Blutterfly’ Ballerina

  1. Deo

    what a wonderful post dad… i love you guys!!!

  2. That was beautiful Jonathan. I hope to see more of Sofia. I know I haven’t seen as much of you lately… big hug and lots of love.

  3. Thank you for sharing…so cute and so fun to watch. We do always learn so much from listening to the kids stories.
    Personally I think the “wild” flowers are that much more beautiful as well…I guess they were never pampered yet they are just as beautiful and blooming than the ones that were put in a the ground for show and tell.
    Have an awesome monday.

  4. Moses

    Nice. Simply nice. And the pictures are just as nice. I don’t have much more to say – than I really enjoyed watching this and reading your post. You are right about how we stress about the dumbest things, when the best things are right in front of us.

    Thanks for sharing Jono!


  5. majoon

    i enjoyed reading this and watching her sing. gotta show this to the other half of majoon. miss her… thanks for sharing…

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