Our first snowfall: 2010 Nov



We awoke this morning and quickly geared up for Sofia’s early morning swimming lessons. On our way out the door, something so tempting loured us into the park. Our first snowman of the year HAD to be constructed. Sofia wanted to make a big sister and little brother snowkids. They even had to be holding hands. She, and her soon arriving neighborhood girlfriends played  wonderfully together.

Sofia learned several lesson about snow play. Most importantly: 1. Don’t eat yellow or brown snow. 2. Don’t assume that everyone is participating in your snowball fight. With a quick break for ballet and lunch, we were at it again, this time making a polynesian snowlady. Accesorized to the fullest, with natural plant trimmings, donated by friendly neighbors. Sofia of course wouldn’t have it any other way. The sun went down as we walked home, now on our second set of mittens, watching the blazing pink mountains. Sofia now sits under the covers with her Mama defrosting her little feet.

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Filed under Community, family, Photography by Jonathan Cruz

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