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I got a phone call a month ago from a client, Brenda I had  worked with quite a long time ago.  She asked if I did talent headshots as her 16 year old grand daughter,Emily was asking if I could photograph her as she knew of my work from the photos of her dad in both her house and her grandmas.  Brenda told me that it would be fun to have me work with Emily for the nostalgia and all. She also said that Emily likes to straighten her hair.  Even daily  for school.  I asked if I could see a photo of Emily in her natural curls and to my surprise I thought I was looking at a young Vivian Leigh. I asked Brenda if she could convince Emily to challenge herself to come to our shoot with her natural hair and no makeup.  -satisfaction guaranteed.  This is what we came up with. Btw, Emily was such a delight to work with!

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