About Jonathan Cruz

jonathancruz08se10_deocruz2Hello, I’m Jonathan Cruz and this is my very first attempt at blogging. My first attempt at writing for that matter. I am a professional photographer living in Gastown, Canada with my family. I am extremely fortunate that i make my living by being able to shoot. Photography is a hobby that i started with my older borther, Alex almost 30 years ago. Some folks say that People photography is my forte. But really, I just love to shoot everything, all the time. I hope to finally have an opportunity to do something with all my images through this blog. so here goes…

oh, my website:  www.jonathancruz.com



6 responses to “About Jonathan Cruz

  1. kento

    JC – things are lookin good here….as always. Wish I had explored the site before writing here…..I’ll check it next.
    Deo’s work is really cool – lets talk about him instead of you. I sent him a message, I’m sure he’ll remember the handle “Fred Chan”.
    Give Gab and Sophia a big hug from us…..love yaz –

  2. silverfriends0730

    Hi!!!! I was wondering if you read my request under the Michael Buble section you have… it’s really important to me! 😀 Hope to hear from you soon (by the way your email doesn’t work anymore.)

  3. Patricia Hirsch

    Hi Jonathan, Saw a news item in the Vancouver Sun about you. Don’t know if you remember us, but we were one of your first clients at you Hastings St. studio. You took photos of me when I was pregnant with our son, Devan. He is now 19 years old and gorgeous. Then you took photos of our family when we had a daughter and Devan was three years old. You also photographed several of my foster daughters including the “blue” photo of Dahlia, a beautiful picture. Congratulations on all of your successes, your children, ( Deo was not yet born when we met, he is a talent just like his dad.) and your celebrity, which you so deserve. Maybe one day you could photograph Devan and Darragh again, sort of a before and after shot. We live in Victoria now so if you’re ever on the island, give us a call. Patricia Hirsch ( formerly Trish and Doug in North Burnaby, Yale St. if you recall)

  4. gravitatingmonkey

    This is good.

  5. Mil Arcega

    “The Kiss”

    11:45PM, Library Square, Robson Street – a long-haired man with a camera for an appendage struts across the plaza; a shadow, walking. And then the light reveals a face: a long lost friend; a flash of recognition, and Jonathan – wearing a silly grin.

    Funny how the years fast forward to the present when confronted by a familiar face. And I realize, I haven’t seen this guy in seven years! My, oh my, but time has flown! We’ve grown older my friend. The lines are deeper; the sharp edges have dulled, but that mischievous gleam in your eyes remained.

    Some time ago, I remember a trio of foolish boys picked up some cameras, a few rolls of Kodachrome, some German wine, and headed for the hills. We studied the light and took slices of it, searching for a few good images, and laughs. It felt the same on Robson Street, some 30 years later, except this time, you were the only one with a camera.

    I have to hand it to you my friend, all those rolls of acetate and silver (and none of the wine) were wasted. I noticed something else — that you held your camera differently. Not so much the way a carpenter holds his tools – more like the way a maestro’s personality comes through a wooden baton. In 30 seconds you managed to capture the essence of a relationship. And they were some of the best images I have ever seen of me and my wife. For Jemma, who is often wary of bad shooters, the experience left her giddy. And for one who appreciates the candid spirit of the moment, your images are a breath of air; a digital memory of time. So revealing were they that looking at the tiny images on the LCD screen reminded me of how much I love my wife. That night, I thought, for sure, that someone in a much higher place gave you that gleam in your eye and a camera to capture such truths.

    It was wonderful to see you again old friend; to laugh, reminisce and talk about plans and future strategies. Most of all it was wonderful to see that you followed your bliss. It reminds me of something I wrote long ago: that Art, like Life and Love, desires nothing more than to express itself. Keep doing what you’re doing old pal, because when you express yourself through your photography, the world is suddenly a kinder and gentler place. MA

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