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Gloria Macarenko, Guest blogger


I just had a memorable photo shoot with Jonathan Cruz.  People assume that it wouldn’t be a big deal for me because I spend an hour and a half every day in front of a tv camera anchoring the news, This is not the case.  I feel much more self-conscious being the subject of  a still photographer. 

I was paired up with Jonathan by Bob Mercer, the editor of Vancouver Lifestyles Magazine (VLM), for a piece entitled MY VANCOUVER.  It’s a brief look at my favorite things about the city, and my thoughts and concerns about Vancouver’s future.

I had met Jonathan a few years ago when he photographed me and others at the Women’s Media Golf Classic.  I must stress that I only golf once a year, but Jonathan’s shots made me look like a pro! We also teamed up for a fundraiser for Ja Pace, a beautiful young woman afflicted with a rare blood disorder, in need of a non-donor transplant only available in Rome.

I was impressed with the warmth and compassion demonstrated by Jonathan at the time.  He put together a gorgeous calendar of Ja and her salsa dancing friends that was sold to raise funds for her cause.  He also softly coaxed a generous donation out of Michael Buble. (actually, from what I understand, there was no need for coaxing… he just told Michael about Ja’s story and he was naturally compelled to contribute.) Jonathan has that effect on people.  He has a wonderful ability to put his subjects at ease and bring out the best in them.

That’s what made this most recent shoot so much fun.  I had chosen the Burrard St. Bridge and  “Go Fish” on the Seawall as two of my favorite places in Vancouver.  We walked along the bridge on a cool, sunny fall day… chatting and trying not to get too ‘posy’ with the shots.  It was fun and easy and I often forgot he even had a camera in his hands.

From there, a yummy lunch (halibut and chips and spicy Salmon taquitos) at Go Fish.  Again, I was oblivious to the camera.

It was a totally win-win day.  I got to spend the afternoon with a wonderful man with a big heart, and I was thrilled with the photographs.  Thank you Jonathan!





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