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I got a phone call a month ago from a client, Brenda I had  worked with quite a long time ago.  She asked if I did talent headshots as her 16 year old grand daughter,Emily was asking if I could photograph her as she knew of my work from the photos of her dad in both her house and her grandmas.  Brenda told me that it would be fun to have me work with Emily for the nostalgia and all. She also said that Emily likes to straighten her hair.  Even daily  for school.  I asked if I could see a photo of Emily in her natural curls and to my surprise I thought I was looking at a young Vivian Leigh. I asked Brenda if she could convince Emily to challenge herself to come to our shoot with her natural hair and no makeup.  -satisfaction guaranteed.  This is what we came up with. Btw, Emily was such a delight to work with!

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Autumn on the Drive


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October 28, 2016 · 10:01 am

My Favorite Halloweeners 2011

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Strathcona Fire

I’ve been keeping an eye on this beautiful tree since autumn started.
God lit it for me to share it with you today


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4th Annual Strathcona Harvest Festival

Sailor Catches the big one!


About the Harvest Festival Vision [ ]

The Harvest Festival is a multi cultural, all ages, free community celebration where everyone can join in the festivities, sing and dance to the music of local talent, play some good old fashioned games, enjoy feasting and spend a fun filled afternoon with old acquaintances while having the chance to make some new ones. Having a sense of community in this big city is just as important for those who have lived here for years, as it is for any one who has just arrived in this neighbourhood or this country. The Strathcona Harvest Festival is organized by several families, friends, local businesses & organizations and in this way many people of all ages, backgrounds and interests are contributing to the building and celebration of our diverse community.

This year we would like to focus on Food Security and help feed our community, encourage healthy living and honour the Earth that provides for us. We will be raising funds to support the many food programs at the Strathcona Community Centre where many infants, children, youth, families and seniors are fed everyday.

See more fotos:

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When we first moved into Strathcona, we were very excited to find that we had a little neighbor the same age as our  Sofia . It took them two summers to truly hit it off as amazing friends. It is beautiful to watch as they mature from toddlers to beautiful little girls and now both big sisters. Even though they are alike in many ways, and love to do similar things, they are different in very complimentary ways. We are looking forward to watching them grow and learn through many more years of friendship.


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Winteruption In Vancouver Feb 2011

So much for getting away from the nasty weather predicted before winter started here in Vancouver. As of Saturday morning the snow came and by the evening Vancouver became a winter wonderland. It’s the snow we never got to see during the 2010 winter Olympics just a year ago. What to do ‘when life deals us lemons…’?
I had a shoot that evening with the lovely Shannon Heth and George Vergette  as they celebrated their wedding at the beautiful GreyChurch/Gallery on Fraser and Kingsway. I managed to talk Shannon into going outside to brave the elements for a few snaps. Here is one of them

The lovebirds headed south to Turks & Caicos to miss the rest of this. too bad for them! 😉
My buddy Dan had joined me and the first video above was shot on the way home from the reception, [with a little short cut through South Granville]. As Dan drove his jeep through the snow and I with the 5D[Dan has done these time laps vids before without another hand to man the camera]. I shot a frame each time the windshield wiper swept by. We used the moving wiper blade as our makeshift intervolometer and shot as we drove all the home. – so that’s why my arms were so sore the next day!

The Following morning Sofia woke early but i was actually excited to see how much the snow had fallen. by 7am Sofia and I were outside to make fresh tracks and to get the first snow man up before the rest of the neighbors got out to play…

By the next morning it most of it had melted away. -i kinda miss it.

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How to Make a butterfly: Sofia’s Crafts for kids intsructional video #001


One of our regular morning routines, is “craft time”. After watching some you tube videos on how to make some simple crafts, we have mostly done the ever loved butterflies. For months we have been perfecting them, each of them made with care and love. Most of these butterflies have been given to loved ones as cards or just a special gift. Some have been made to keep forever. Sofia now is able to share her lovely morning glory with others who might want to give it a try. Hope you enjoy her first instructional video.  shot  on  iphone.

Let us know how your butterflies turn out!!!


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Sofia, the craft kid and papa day today.


It’s 7am. Gab’s off to work and Sofia just woke up saying “Papa color with me?”
she loves doing crafts all day. and yes, she sings like that all day and night long.

– I love it

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Sweet Daze and a camera to help me remember

I’m grateful for my home.
I’m grateful for my family.
I am so grateful for the life i have…
I’m grateful for having a camera and an ability to document such things.

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