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Jacqui Cohen Carries the Torch to Gastown Canada 2010

Jacqui Cohen hired Jonathan to capture her jog to Olympic glory, taking her turn in the torch relay through Gastown early this morning.

It was a sight to see, watching Jacqui ignite her torch with our famous steam clock and the north shore mountains as a backdrop.  Ms Cohen embraced the crowd as she made her way along her 300m stint, waving and smiling, stopping along the way for photos with friends and various members of the community.

Her family was in tow to cheer Jacqui on, including her mother who was perhaps one of the most stylish ladies in the crowd. We managed to snap a photo of Jacqui with her mom and daughter – three beautiful generations!

Jacqui then finished her run by celebrating with her family, friends and staff at the Army and Navy store on Cordova Street.

Congrats to Jacqui for representing Gastown and Vancouver so graciously and congrats to all the torch bearers across Canada that have made this journey so special and memorable for all of us.

With just hours to spare until the Opening Ceremonies, we’d like to wish everyone a wonderful Olympic experience.


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A Man and His Horse

During my morning stroll to the studio, I was visually accosted by the image of this giant white horse with a man strapped to his back. Not enough coffee, I thought? Not the case. Turns out John Fluevog has graciously agreed to display the work of David Robinson, specifically his Equestrian Monument piece, in the storefront window of his Water Street location.


To say that the sculpture is eye-catching would be an understatement. The enormous size alone demands the attention of nearly every passerby. Just over lunch today, I watched as people passed by the store, not one able to walk by without taking a peek.

The way Robinson plays with exaggerated proportions reminds me of a Salvador Dali painting, at least from my uneducated perspective. With all the international visitors pouring into town, it’s a great time to showcase some of Canada’s greatest artistic talents.


Artist’s Statement:

The equestrian monument prevails in endless variety across the history of art.
In a time before I had learned of their often violent and imperial past, with the eyes of a child I saw these archaic bronzes in their simplest and most mythic form: full of narrative, free of history.

This first impression has stayed with me as I find myself returning time and again to the unraveling and reprising of the equestrian theme in my own artwork. Now thoroughly out-moded, and thus freed of its political harness, I periodically inquire after this troubled partnership of man and beast as they wander the imagination – a vivid motif in search of a better story.

David Robinson’s Equestrian Monument can be viewed at John Fluevog on 65 Water Street until July. www.fluevog.com

“Robinson’s work underscores the possibility that the sacred is with us still, even in the midst of our secular, consumerist society.” – Vancouver Sun


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55 Water Street

Gastown, situated in the heart of Vancouver’s heritage district, has become more than just a popular tourist attraction. Gastown and its vibrant neighborhood has quickly become Vancouver’s creative mecca, home to many local artists, photographers, furniture designers and the like.

Our studio is located in one of the neighborhood’s original structures – 55 Water Street to be precise – originally built in 1912 as the Malkin & Company grocery warehouse. Today this 6 storey building is still full of charm, with its brick walls, exposed cedar beams and eerie historical vibe. It’s also full of some very talented Vancouverites, so we thought we’d give a shout out to some of our fabulous neighbors:

Twenty One Inc. – www.twentyoneinc.com
Gajoum D’Art Studio Inc. – kalgajoum.com
James Northy – www.jamesnorthyfd.com
Kontent Creative – www.kontentcreative.com
Pace Group – www.pacegroup.com
Coastlines Creative Group – www.coastlinescreative.com
Wallop Creative – www.wallopcreative.com
Endgame – www.endgame.ca
Burke & Hair www.burkeandhair.com
Metta Healing www.mettahealing.ca
Red Rocket Creative Strategies www.redrocketcreative.com
Metalogix www.metalogix.net
Smart Web Canada www.smartwebcanada.com
Foot Prints Recruiting www.footprintsrecruiting.com
Blue Olive Photography www.blueolivephotography.com
The Old Spagetti Factory www.oldspaghettifactory.ca
Dirty Laundry www.ilovedirtylaundry.com
John Chen Photography www.jcphoto.ca
Free Agency Creative freeagencycreative.com
David Wilkes www.davidwilkesbespoke.com

Please click here to let us know about anyone we’ve missed!

Looking for a one-of-a-kind cocktail dress for New Years Eve? Perhaps you’re outfitting your new Woodward’s condo with some fine art or a funky conversational piece or two? In any case, cruise around these cobblestone streets and re-discover this hip yet understated hood.

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Winter Warmers on Water Street

On this eve of Christmas, many of you are nestling in with the family for a few days of rest and rejoicing in an age-old holiday tradition – booze.  Aside from the feasting and singing and enjoyment of good company, nothing enhances ones jolly mood more than a festive Christmas cocktail. So in the spirit of the season, we have concocted our own cocktail, sure to put the jolly in your holly.

The C3 is a delicious blend of ingredients, mixed with Ciroc Vodka, distilled from Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes, grown in the Gaillac and Cognac regions of France. Why C3 you ask? It’s the Cruz Christmas Cocktail, ofcourse.

– A fifth (1½ oz.) Ciroc Vodka –
– Generous splash of Aloe juice –
– Stirred, not shaken –
– Add a few cranberries for color –
– Finish with a sprig of mint –

Refreshing and festive, the C3 will have your family and friends rockin’ around the Christmas tree til dawn.

From everyone at Jonathan Cruz Photography, have a safe and happy holiday.

Merry Christmas – Joyeux Noel – Buon Natale – Feliz Navidad – Feliz Natal – Maligayang Pasko

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